Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I love snow no matter how old i get i love playing in it. It snowed over a foot the other day i was so happy. The plow plowed our sreet and their was so much snow that theres huge mountains of snow all around my cirlcle. I played in it for an hour yesterday and I'm going to today too.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The best way to explain me.

My name is Dakota and I just turned 15. My family, music, movies, school and my friends control my life. For my age I am way beyond my years and I have strong opinions on just about everthing. There my opinions not yours so don't try to change them cause it's propbably impossible(I'm pretty stuborn). But i still love debating my ideas against anyones else's. My friends and family just happen to be amazing I am lucky that way. I absoultly love little kids. My younger cousins are like my little brothers and sisters (but they make me happy to know I am an only child too). They can make me happier than anyone else in the whole world. I would be happiest girl if i could live right next door to all them and spend more time with them. I'm a teenager and still don't know who I am yet and i can't wait to find my self. I mean I know who I am I have my standards and beilefs but still I have no idea who I am yet. People tell me I'm a good writer, singer, cooker but none of those are really my passion I like them and all but I think I have something amazing that i still haven't found out yet. So i have absoultly no idea which way my life will go. But I have learned mistakes are the best thing to learn from and planning is over-rated things turn out best when they fall where they should. I guess simple is the last word to explain my life but I like it that way.